Firing Room Row AC

Console Row AC

Positions AC1, AC1.5 -- Safety Console Coordinator (call sign SCC). Stationed at position AC1, the Safety official is responsible for ensuring all regulations and requirements affecting personnel and flight hardware safety are addressed and adhered to during launch countdown activities.

AC2 -- NASA Safety. Provides NASA oversight to all safety issues.

AC3, AC3.5, AC4 -- KSC Physician, Crew Surgeon and Biomedical Engineer. Maintain current medical data on each crew member in the event baseline data is needed in an emergency. Would be responsible for medical advice in event of a contingency.

AC5, AC5.5 -- Payload Test Conductor (call sign PTC) and Payload Test Conductor Alternate. Conducts and integrates all payload launch operations, and represents payload customer interests in countdown planning and execution.

AC6 -- NASA Payload Test Director (call sign PTD). The NASA Test Director (NTD) equivalent in the payloads world. This is the chief position overseeing payload technical issues.

AC7, AC8 -- Tank/Booster Test Conductor and Tank/Booster Test Conductor Prime (call sign TBC). Conducts and integrates all external tank and solid rocket booster testing required to prepare the Shuttle for launch.

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