Firing Room Row AB

Console Row AB -- KSC/NASA and Contractor

Positions AB1, AB2 -- Support Test Manager (call sign STM). The STM at position AB1 conducts and integrates all Launch Complex 39 ground support operations at Kennedy Space Center.

AB3, AB4 -- Orbiter Test Conductor Prime (OTC). The OTC Prime stationed at position AB4 conducts and integrates all orbiter testing activities required in preparation for flight. This is the senior contractor representative on the Shuttle test team. The Alternate OTC supports the OTC Prime, just as the Assistant Launch Director supports the Launch Director. All top critical management positions have an alternate.

AB5 -- NASA Test Director (NTD). Leader of the Shuttle test team responsible for directing and integrating all flight crew, orbiter, external tank/solid rocket booster and ground support testing in the Shuttle launch countdown. Responsible for the safety of all personnel inside the pad after external tank loading, including the flight crew. Reports to the Launch Director.

AB6 -- Alternate NTD (ATD). Similar to Alternate OTC. In addition, the Alternate NTD keeps track of the timeline for the NTD and works any red crew issues that arise. AB7 -- Chief NTD (CNTD). Provides expert advice to the Launch Director, NASA Test Director and Landing and Recovery Director. The Chief NTD will have previously served as the NASA Test Director for numerous launches.

AB8, AB8A -- Landing and Recovery Director (LRD). Directs all Kennedy landing operations, including the Return-to-Launch Site and nominal end-of-mission (EOM) landings. The Alternate LRD supports the LRD.

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