Firing Room Haz Gas, Instr, EPDC Console C-9 and C-10

 1. Haz Gas System Engineer    CHGD    13. Hazardous Gas Sys Engineer 
 2. Haz Gas System Engineer    CHGD    13A. Hazardous Gas Sys Engineer
 3. ET/SRB Lead Elect Engineer CBIS    14. Hazardous Gas SSE          CHGD
 4. ET/SRB Instr Engineer              15. Orbiter Instr Engineer
 5. Orbiter Insrt Eng Lead     CISL    16. Orbiter Instr Engineer
 6. Orbiter Instr Eng SSE      CISL    17. Orbiter Instr Engineer
 7. Orbiter EPDC System Eng    CEPD    18. Spare
 8. EPDC System Engineer               19. EPDC SSE                   CEPD
 9. EPDC System Engineer       CEPD    20. EPDC SSE                   CEPD
10. Events Controller Sys Eng          21. EPDC System Engineer
11. ET/SRB Electrical Sys Eng  CPWR    22. PAD Heater System Engineer
12. ET Electrical System Eng           23. SRB Electrical Engineer
                                       24. SRB Electrical Engineer    CPWR

*SSE = System Specialist Engineer

C-9/10 Console -- Hazardous Gas, Instrumentation and Electrical Power Distribution and Control (EPDC)

Systems both on the Shuttle vehicle as well as supporting it are controlled and monitored at these console stations.

Key Positions: The Orbiter Instrumentation Engineer (CISL) and systems engineers maintain and control the validity of Shuttle telemetry and instrumentation used for vehicle processing. They also maintain and monitor the on-board caution and warning electrionics assembly, which provides the flight crew with visual and audible indications of out-of-tolerance conditions for selective flight-critical measurements. They also perform checkout and maintenance of the flight recorders which store orbiter instrumentation data, payload data and modular auxiliary data during the mission.

The Hazardous Gas System Engineers (CHGD) monitor the detection systems for hazardous concentrations of hydrogen, hypergolic fuels and various items of fire detection equipment. These are located on board the vehicle as well as on select ground support equipment.

The Electrical Power Distribution and Control System Engineers (CEPD) control and monitor electrical power distribution to the orbiter and payload buses and perform testing of the orbiter pyrotechnic devices.

The External Tank/Solid Rocket Booster (ET/SRB) Electrical System Engineer (call sign CPWR) controls and monitors electrical power distribution to the SRB joint heater and external tank heater systems and performs testing of the SRB recovery system and SRB pyrotechnic devices.

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