Firing Room Avionics Console C-11 and C-12

 1. G&N System Engineer        CGNC    11. Orbiter Digital Sys Eng    CODS
 2. G&N System Engineer                12. Orbiter Digital Engineer
 3. Orb Flight Controls Eng    COFC    13. GN&C SSE                   GNC
 4. Orb Flight Controls Eng            14. GN&C System Specialist
 5. Ascent Flight Control Eng  CAFC    15. Ascent Flight Controls Eng 
 6. SRB Flight Controls Eng    CBFC    16. SSME Controller SSE
 7. SSME Controller Engineer   CCME    17. SSME Controller Engineer
 8. SSME Controller Engineer           18. DPS Backup Engineer
 9. Data Processing Sys Eng    CDPS    19. DPS SSE                    DPS
10. Data Processing Sys Eng            20. Flight Software Engineer   CVFS             

*SSE = System Specialist Engineer

C-11/12 Console -- Avionics

Monitoring of the Shuttle's avionics system is performed at this console.The Space Shuttle avionics system controls, or assists in controlling, most of the Shuttle systems.

Key Positions: The Guidance and Navigation System Engineers (CGNC) are responsible for the Guidance and Navigation hardware onboard the Orbiter. This includes the Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) which is used to compute the inertial attitude and velocity of the Orbiter. Star Trackers, used to obtain position data on orbit. Rotational and Translational Hand Controllers along with the Rudder Pedal Transducer Assemblies provide crew input for manual roll, pitch, yaw (RHC), lateral, longitudinal, vertical (THC), rudder/brakes (RPTA) to the flight control system.

Three positions, the Orbiter Flight Controls Engineer (COFC), Ascent Flight Control Engineer (CAFC) and Solid Rocket Booster Flight Controls Engineer (CBFC) monitor these flight control systems on the Shuttle elements during countdown and liftoff.

The Data Processing System Engineers (CDPS) are responsible for operation, control and software loading of the five general purpose computers (GPCs) on board the orbiter, and the data streams and hardware devices that interface the GPCs to Shuttle systems and the flight crew. The GPCs provide the critical function of autonomous on-board control and monitoring of vehicle systems during flight.

The Flight Software Engineer (CVFS) is responsible for the proper formatting and loading of flight computer programs and critical support data into the mass memory units (MMUs) for subsequent use by the general purpose computers aboard the orbiter. This position also oversees configuration control of these programs and data during the loading process.

The Space Shuttle Main Engine Controller Engineers (CCME) are responsible for operation, control and software loading of the main engine controllers. The main engine controllers function as computerized feedback and control systems for operation- and performance-monitoring of the three Space Shuttle main engines (SSME).

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