Firing Room Backup and Integration Console

 1. ET/SRB Test Project Eng    CTPE    11. GLS Engineer               CGLS
 2. SRB Project Engineer               12. GLS Engineer               CGLS
 3. Spare                              13. GLS Engineer               CGLS
 4. ET Project Engineer                14. LCC Test Project Engineer  CTPE
 5. ORB Test Project Engineer  CTPE    15. Test Project Engineer      CTPE
 6. ORB Project Engineer       COPE    16. ORB Project Engineer       COPE
 7. GLS Project Engineer       CGLS    17. Test Project Engineer
 8. Shuttle Project Engineer   SPE     18. Test Project Engineer
 9. GLS Engineer               CGLS    19. GLS Project Engineer
10. LCC Project Engineer       CCPE

Backup & Integration Console (Ground Launch Sequencer)

The Backup Console is available for use by various systems when their primary console is unavailable. During launch countdown, this console is used by the Ground Launch Sequencer to monitor vehicle measurements.The Ground Launch Sequencer (GLS), also located at this console row, is an automated program which controls all activity during the final portion of the countdown. Once it is started at about T-45 minutes, the remainder of the countdown can be accomplished with no further manual actions from the firing room. When the countdown resumes after the final built-in hold at T-9 minutes, the GLS assumes automatic control of the count, monitoring vehicle parameters and able to halt the countdown if a problem is detected. At T-31 seconds, it issues the command to the on- board launch sequencer that allows the Shuttle to start its engines and launch. The GLS also provides automatic safing functions to the vehicle and ground support systems should a recycle or abort occur.

Key positions: The Orbiter Project Engineer (COPE) and Orbiter Test Project Engineer (CTPE) coordinate testing and troubleshooting involving multiple systems. They monitor overall Shuttle configuration and system status.

The Shuttle Project Engineer (SPE) is the senior NASA engineer in the firing room during the launch countdown. This position directs troubleshooting and recovery from failures encountered during the countdown process.

The Ground Launch Sequencer Engineer (CGLS) and systems engineers are monitoring the performance of the GLS prior to and during the final countdown.

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