Firing Room Row AA

Console Row AA -- KSC/NASA

Positions AA1, AA1A -- Kennedy Space Center.NASA Public Affairs provides launch commentary to the public beginning at around five hours before launch and continuing until liftoff. Once the Shuttle has lifted off the pad, public affairs commentary switches from Kennedy to Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center, Houston.

AA2 -- Director of Payload Operations (call sign PD). The top-ranking KSC/NASA official responsible for management and technical direction of preflight checkout and integration of Space Shuttle and expendable launch vehicle payloads and payload carriers. Conducts own management poll to verify payloads are ready to fly prior to participating in formal polling process conducted during final built-in hold.

AA3 -- This position is assigned at the Launch Director's discretion.

AA4 -- Assistant Launch Director (call sign ALD). Supports the Launch Director.

AA5 -- Launch Director (call sign LD). The senior member of the Shuttle launch team, the Launch Director has overall responsibility for management of launch activities and makes the final determination to launch or scrub. The Launch Director is a member of the Mission Management Team.

AA6 -- Flow Director. The flow director oversees the preflight preparation, test and checkout of the orbiter from landing to launch. During the launch countdown, the great familiarity this individual has with all elements of the Shuttle is available to the launch team.

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