Vertical Processing Facility

The Vertical Processing Facility in KSC's industrial area is designed to accommodate all vertically processed payloads through cargo integration. The VPF consists of an environmentally controlled high bay and airlock and single-story support facilities along the sides of the high bay.

The high bay area has a ceiling height of 105 feet and a usable floor area of 10,153 square feet. Equipment enters the airlock through a 71-foot-high, 24-foot-wide door. Access to the high bay from the airlock is through a 71-foot-high by 38-foot-wide door.

Two payload workstands with six fixed platforms provide access to payloads in the high bay. Two bridge cranes, 25 tons and 12 tons, can be linked to provide 35-ton lift capability. A 10-ton monorail crane is located in the airlock. The six fixed platform levels are serviced by a 2-ton hoist.

Detailed map of the Vertical Processing Facility Area (internal users only).

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