Firing Room Master Console

 1. LPS System Engineer        C1SE     9.                            LPS
 2. LPS System Engineer        C1SE    10. TE-ISD-1                   C1SM Ast
 3. Master Console Analyst     C1MC    11. PDR/SPA Operator           CPDR
 4. LPS Test Conductor         LPS     12. System Engineer            C1RF
 5. LPS Test Conductor         LPS     13. LDBM Operator              CLDB
 6. LPS Station Manager        C1SM    14. Maintenance Tech           C1MT
 7.                            C1SI    15. Set Support                CGSP
 8. TE-ISD-1                   C1SM Alt

Master Launch Processing System (LPS) Console

Personnel staffing the Master LPS Console are responsible for controlling the configuration of all the consoles in the primary firing room, 30 other processors and many more peripheral devices that make up a "firing room." Prior to the start of testing, this console loads the correct software into each of the remaining computers, connects the proper data paths to and from the Shuttle and all ground support equipment, and initializes the entire firing room system to begin processing.

During routine Shuttle testing, the Master Console performs integrity or health monitoring of all firing room assemblies, including the other consoles. Should a unit fail, the Master Console provides malfunction recovery and performs the necesary reconfiguration to allow the failed unit or spare unit to be brought back into service.

After testing is complete, the Master Console controls problem resolution of failed components and prepares the firing room for the next test.

Key positions:

The LPS Test Conductors (LPS) are responsible for monitoring and verifying the integrity of the LPS.

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