Firing Room Payloads Console C-1

1. Lead Fluids Engineer       CFS1    8. SL System Elect Engineer      DKSN
2. Power System Engineer      CCNE    9. Software Engineer             DSWN
3. Lead Electrical Engineer   CLES   10. Mid-Deck NPI                  MDE
4. SAM Electrical Engineer    CCSM   11. LPS Software Engineer         CWSE
5. E/ORF Exp. Engineer        KORF   12. Shuttle Payload Engineer      CPPE
6. Payload Integration Engr   NPI    13. Shuttle Payload Engineer      CPEP
7. Fluids Engineer            DECS   14. SPARE
C-1 Console -- Payloads

The payloads flying on the Shuttle are monitored from this console, including critical payload systems such as electrical power, vital signs for any onboard research animals and critical temperature or pressure measuremets. The personnel assigned to the Payloads Console vary from mission to mission in accordance with payload requirements.

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